Medical Icon Set


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Are you sick?

Get better with this fantastic medical set!

  1. Touch the syringe to start
  2. The mirror will examine you
  3. Countdown
  4. You are as healthy as an apple!
  5. Now the mirror is goint to X-ray you
  6. The mirror loves you
  7. The mirror needs to examine you better…
  8. Oh my god! We need an ambulance!
  9. Last chance to know if you need medication
  10. Looking hot today
  11. You can share your photos on our social station
  12. Time to sign your photo
  13. Be patient! The mirror is printing your photo
  14. Booth closed. Please wait for attendant
  15. We love your DNA Strand
  16. DANGER! You need a potion to save your life

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Landscape, Portrait


Breeze, Darkroom, Dslrbooth, Sparkbooth, Social Booth, iPad – Tablet Resolution