Tired of using always the same animations?

Your customers ask for new and you don’t know what to answer them? Do you believe that customers don’t enjoy your animations in your Mirror Booth or in your photo booth?

Well, we have the solution.

Mirrorboothanimations.com is a company who provides animations for Mirror Me and Photo Booth Services who is based on a huge long experience in the Photo Booth market. We currently have a wide range of funny and daring animations that will not leave indifferent your customers and will bring a touch of newness to each event.

We have animations for different topics such as Vintage, Basic, Halloween, Sweet 16, St. Patrick, Valentine’s day, weddings…ready for its use in Mirror Me and Photo Booth.

Besides, mirrorboothanimations.com allows you to customize your animations to enjoy your Mirror Me experience in the best possible way. You only have to choose the animations you like and tell us what you want to write on them. Our animations are compatible with any of these softwares: Breeze, Darkroom, Dslrbooth, SocialBooth and Mirror Me Booth.

This variety of animations will put you in the top of mind of your future customers. Now you can offer unique products for your clients and be different of your main competitors.

Enjoy the animations. Enjoy mirrorboothanimations.com
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