Mirror Booth Animations is a new company who makes funny animations to enjoy in several formats, programs and languages.

We have Spanish and English animations in stock. If you need animations in other language you can order them adding this product https://mirrorboothanimations.com/product/web-offer-translation-language-pack/ and sending us an email to info@mirrorboothanimations.com providing your language and animations chosen.

You can buy our animations in a portrait (vertical for mirror booths) or landscape (horizontal for photo booths) format.

The animations purchased in mirrorboothanimations.com can be showed in Mirror Booth softwares and Photo Booth services.

MIrror booth software:



DSLR booth

Social Booth

iPad software

The files will be sended in mp4, WMV, SWF or mov (Depends of software).

You only have to add to the cart the products you want. Later, you will be redirected to PayPal to finish the purchase.

You only can pay in Mirror Booth Animations by using PayPal.

You will receive your animations in no longer than 48 hours.

Yes, it is and it’s very simple. You only have to go to “Customize” section and choose your preferences.

The animations purchased in mirrorboothanimations.com can only be displayed in one device. If you need more licenses to use in several devices, you will have to purchase them.

The animations are personal and non-transferable, and can not be transferred to third parties.

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